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AVICAM is go!

All the good things: Mobile first, HTML 5, Responsive

This week saw the launch of a new website for Aviation safety consultancy AVICAM. The astute readers amongst you will notice that this is my Dad’s business; he’s been in the aviation industry basically as long as planes have been around (may not be accurate) and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about aircraft.

I set out to design a professional one-page website that makes it easy to get in touch with him regarding new business or enquiries, and think I realised this goal.

The website’s built mobile-first using HTML5, with larger resolution layout features and functionality being added on through media queries.

Making Sublime Text work for the Front-end Developer

A tutorial to pimping the shit outta it!

I first became aware of Sublime Text around the beginning of 2012, up until which point I’d been using Notepad++ (seeing as most of my development is done on PC). Having played around a little I began to love it – the slick UI, how easy it was to customise, the code overview pane – and others.

But Sublime doesn’t come into its own until you start installing third-party packages, many of which are ported over from other popular text editors. The easiest way to install these awesome little nuggets is to install Package Control.

Here I’ll run you through some of my favourite add-ons for Sublime and show how to use them to maximise your efficiency.

Becoming an Android convert

I'm totally sold

A month ago to the day, I walked into the O2 store in Brighton’s Churchill Square with the intention of getting rid of a piece of technology that I’d begun to despise. My 2-year contract had ended and I was due for an upgrade, and to my mind, being given a release from the iPhone 4 that had become both a part of daily life and a bane. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was waiting for me.

I bought the iPhone 4 in its first week of release; I was giddy at the thought of finally relinquishing my old Nokia N85, which while serving me well, had made me envious of all the fancy iPhone users with their touch-screens and high quality games. Now don’t get me wrong, my N85 had been a good phone to start with but over time it had fallen apart and slowed down. I so wanted to see how touch-screens had come along since my old, old, old, old phone, the monstrous beast that was the Motorola A915.

My first poem – Box

The first poem I've written, it's probably shit

I have no idea why, but I have always been fascinated with language; the structure, similarities between regions, the sheer beauty of the way in which some people can express themselves so fluidly with it.

So while I make a terrible poet and am at best merely average with the spoken word, I decided I’d like to be able to express my thoughts in fragmented words, the way they OCCUR TO ME.

I have always felt far more comfortable with written language so poetry makes sense to me. My thoughts tend to happen this way – particles of varying degrees of consciousness bouncing off the inside of my head and occasionally reaching my awareness. They’re interspersed with large gaps where, in contrast, very little happens.

Most of them never come out. Anyway, I wrote this poem.

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